• Nutraceutical
R-Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • Product name: R- Α-lipoic acid
    Chemical Name: 1, 2-Dithiolane-3-valeric acid
    CAS#: 1077-28-7
    Molar Mass: 206.33 g/mol
    Appearance:  Yellow, crystalline powder               
    Molecular Formula: C8H14O2S2

    Product Description

    R-Α-lipoic acid (abbreviation: RLA) is a coenzyme present in mitochondria that is like vitamin, which can eliminate free radicals that accelerate aging and pathogenesis. After intestinal absorption into the cells, fat-soluble and water-soluble properties in α-lipoic acid can enable itself to reach any cells within the body to enhance its effectiveness. This makes R- α-lipoic acid such an excellent universal antioxidant.

    In particular, R- (dextrorotatory) α-lipoic acid has higher physiological activity. In addition, mercapto radical of α-lipoic acid can be easily reversed in redox reaction, so that it can protect thiolase from heavy metal ions.

    Physical and chemical properties:

    R-Α-lipoic acid solubility in water is 0.9g / L(20 º C), solubility in ethanol is 50g / L. Since it is both water-soluble and fat-soluble, its oxidation and revivification form can be very effective in both water and fat environments.

    Biological Enzymatic Preparation

    When using enzymatic hydrolysis of hair, the amino acids' heavy metal contents are often high and are easy to exceed the standard, therefore the animal sourced amino acids does not apply to food ingredients.

    Animal source and non-animal source composition test can generally be identified by PCR amplification of residual trace gene method to identify.

  • Improve Stability of Blood Glucose Levels

    Α-lipoic acid was used as a drug treatment for diabetes from earlier days and was classified as a drug according to Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. A-lipoic acid was mainly used to prevent sugar and protein binding, which was called the "anti-saccharification" effect. It was used to stabilize blood sugar and act as a vitamin to improve the metabolism of liver disease patients and diabetes patients.

    Enhance Liver Function

    Α-lipoic acid can strengthen the liver and was previously used as an antidote for food poisoning or metal poisoning.

    Restoring Fatigue

    Sinceα-lipoic acid can improve energy metabolism rate and effectively convert the food we eat into energy, it can also help eliminate fatigue quickly so that the body will not feel tired easily.

    Improve Dementia

    Molecules which composed the Α-lipoic acid are quite small and are one of the few nutrients that can reach the brain. While in the brain it continues to perform its antioxidating activity and therefore was considered relatively effective to alleviate dementia.

    Protect the Liver and Heart

    In Europe, research conducted on α-lipoic acid has found that as an antioxidant α-lipoic acid can: protect the liver and prevent heart damage; inhibit the occurrence of cancer cells in the body; relieve allergies, arthritis and asthma caused by inflammation within the body.

    Restores Beauty and Anti-aging

    Α-lipoic acid has a surprising antioxidant capacity which can cause skin-aging active oxygen components to be removed. Both water-soluble and fat-soluble, molecules of α-lipoicacid are even smaller than vitamin E so absorption into the skin is much easier. As a result, α-lipoic acid has been listed No. 1 together with Q10 in the United States as anti-aging nutritional supplements.