Our Story

In 2003, Techno was founded by a team of experts who have been engaged in the food ingredients industry for over 35 years. With the aim of providing the best food and nutraceutical ingredients to the world, Techno Food Ingredients has become sucralose and sweeteners pioneer manufacturer in China after 19 years of development. We also play an important role in ingredient innovation for the high-end healthcare industry.

What you can expect

No need to compromise on product quality

No need to fuss about stable long term supply

Saving you money, time, and extra energy

Techno, in touch with tomorrow

What Techno can do for you

Brings out the best ingredients for you

Guaranteed with excellent customer service

Sweetener solutions designed for perfect results

Best ingredients bring you the best business value


Create safer, healthier and more delicious food ingredients


Become a leader in the global food and health industry


People-oriented, respect customers, respect employees, respect nature, and protect our environments

To ensure food safety and operate with integrity

Diligent and dedication

Always keep the craftsman spirit and pursue outstanding quality


Technological innovation
Technological progress and innovation are the company's core competitiveness

Efficient and capable
Efficient management, continuous improvement

Win-win cooperation
Customer success, employee success

Sustainable development
Create value for customers, create opportunities for employees, create wealth for the company and the society


To achieve the highest quality standards applied from raw material sourcing to the finished and packaged product, we strictly follow FDA/ cGMP regulations and implement standards of ISO 9001:2018, ISO22000:2018 and ISO140001-2015 management system and the HACCP guidelines.